Whew! Winter has some Fury Even When it is Sunny.

I have got to say, it feels great to be among the living once again. I can hear my mother’s words ringing in my ears all week, always asking if I’ve gone to get a flu shot… you can see what happened here, no? I had a nasty little bout of the flu that knocked me on my ass for the majority of this week, and today is the first day I felt well enough to sit up the majority of the day. You really take things like sitting up for granted when you are able to do them all the time! 

I would love to share a little bit more with you all about my wonderful husband during this week’s experiences. Let me start off by telling you a story about the last time I had the flu. This is maybe 3 years ago. We were dating. I had two different strains of the flu, the second developed into pneumonia. I was down for nearly a month with that, and my lovely boyfriend would come over to my parents house every day to be with me in my little sick bed. He would just crawl in with me and sleep. It was the sweetest thing. Well, it was the sweetest thing. Something, and he isn’t even sure what, crawled under his skin and he got tired of my being sick. He wanted to end our relationship. Obviously we talked out that situation… but at the time and the circumstance it was quite upsetting!

Now let’s move back to now. I got sick with what I believed to be a stomach bug. I was vomiting and had a fever in the 100 range, generally lethargic. My lovely husband comes home from culinary school early to take care of me since I told him I was sick. What a guy! He proceeds to get up with me 3 times in the middle of the night to walk me to the bathroom so I could throw up. And I have to be honest here, people, I am not so good with puking and probably wouldn’t even do that for him. 

Next day comes, I am expecting to be better. Stomach bugs are typically a one day thing. Now I have a painful chest cough and the nausea is lingering. I can’t eat, barely sipping water, fever is up to 101-102. Fairly miserable. This is hubby’s day off. By the second evening, my fever is even higher and I ask him to take me to the urgent care down the street, as I suspect I could have the flu. He says this. “Uuuuuh, I’d rather not. I feel like I just wasted an entire day. I had stuff to do, you know.” And frankly I am a little thrown. I mean, he has been a saint waiting on me hand and foot getting me all the crushed ice I ask for, and the second I mention the doctor he flips?  So I sort of roll my eyes and take the hit. He has always been this way. My father is this way. I am not a hypochondriac asking to go to the doctor constantly.(exclusively when I am sick. I’ve got a perfect record.) so what is the deal? Seriously… is this a bizarre man thing? No one should have to go see a doctor? Anywhoo we went, fever of 103, got me some flu medicine and nausea medicine to get back to sitting up!

I can’t thank my babycake enough for taking care of me while I was sick, despite the fact that my house looks like it was hit by a tornado. He’s a very busy guy and went way out of his way to help me. It seems like it really freaks him out when I am unwell, and I am grateful to him (and the fabulous flu meds) for getting me better. Get your flu shots, people! Although we still don’t know what garners the hostility toward my request for medical care, or for my being ill in the first place. He has had a minor cold once since I’ve known him, he doesn’t understand illness. Guess this one is going unsolved… the assistance with the retching earned him some major points. Feeling love and gratitude.

Questions? Comments? Have the answer to this conundrum? Comment section is there for you! Thanks for listening.  
Oh P.S.!

I will have another book review out to you guys soon. I’ve been a little preoccupied with other things to get on with writing them, but I have finished two books. So good faith announcement to keep me accountable! Thanks again!

Author: MayLark

Hey, I'm May Lark. I'm 25. Romance has been a big part of my life since I was 14 and happened across a bunch of novels for $1 a piece at a white elephant tent sale working my summer job, and I couldn't imagine my world without them more than a decade later. Love is Everything. I like cool stuff, boring stuff, and live for the sentimental. My Instagram is _melissa_loves if you ever wanna check in or see my birdies. (I have 5 conures) I watch sitcoms on repeat forever. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and New Girl are my main rotation. Lastly and arguably most importantly, I have wanted to be a writer since they taught me how to hold a pencil(I am a lefty and had a hard time with that) and I am beyond stoked to actually be giving it a go. Seriously. So pumped guys. XOXOMay

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