A Work In Progress Is Still Progress As Long As You’re Working

Hello, guys!  Melissa here.

I am (obviously) super fresh in the blogging game(as I’ve said numerous times), but at least I know I need to update every so often, which I am most certainly going to do regardless of the shambles this website is in.  The construction is in motion, I am just learning as I go.  It’ll look polished and amazing here someday.  At least as amazing as I am able to make it.

Being an occasional DIYer, I am currently tinkering with some graphics software, trying to make some fun little icons and banners to put up, to make it pretty, fun, relevant, and recognizable.  That’s been a slow-going process for me, since I am by no means trained or educated with graphic designing, I merely possess a molecule or two of creative ambition(notice I didn’t say talent? ahaha)  I feel a lot like I did when I was a little girl drawing pictures in crayon on construction paper to hang up in my clubhouse.  I have about the same amount of expertise, too!

So that’s the deal with me, and why there’s nothing fun here for anyone to read right now.  I don’t want to take the site down, though, since it’s presence is pressuring me to keep plugging along at what needs to be done to make it beautiful.  I suppose in the meantime I could set up everything else relevant to it, like all its odds and ends, text boxes and the like.(Website design is equally new to me as is graphic designing)  But that’s not the point.  The point IS, I am working on it, and if you bear with me, I will bring in the noise, the funk, and the love I promised.  And it’ll be pretty fun, too.

Since I don’t currently have the motivation or floor space to write regular articles or posts about regular topics, I think I’ll make a good faith investment and list off a few topics I plan to cover as soon as I feel the platform is adequate. (God I hope I don’t pull that nervous writer crap and say it’s never ready…)

  • My Husband.  I love him so much.  Our relationship has had an incredible amount of challenges.  I’ll talk about a lot of them, and fairly often.
    • Sex & Porn addiction
    • Tactlessness
    • Man fascinations (boobs, butts, other women, sports, video games, flecks of dust floating near their heads…)
    • General relationship challenges
  • Writing Romance.  I have goals to eventually get published by either Harlequin or Avon for some saucy little romances.  I will post my failures and my triumphs and everything related to that journey.
  • Reading Romance.  I go through a lot of Harlequin books, and I’ll write out detailed reviews for them.  I can let you know what I love about the love, the characters, and overall whether or not I think it’s worth a read. (They usually are)
  • Food, Pets, Life, Dating, and everything else that can have love attached to it.  I have a life full of happiness with my little family.  I will share all of these things with you.

I will get up to the level I want to be at eventually, sooner rather than later.  I am motivated toward it, and writing out this list for you guys got me excited all over again.  Here’s to an awesome journey.  We are gonna have so much fun.



Author: MayLark

Hey, I'm May Lark. I'm 25. Romance has been a big part of my life since I was 14 and happened across a bunch of novels for $1 a piece at a white elephant tent sale working my summer job, and I couldn't imagine my world without them more than a decade later. Love is Everything. I like cool stuff, boring stuff, and live for the sentimental. My Instagram is _melissa_loves if you ever wanna check in or see my birdies. (I have 5 conures) I watch sitcoms on repeat forever. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and New Girl are my main rotation. Lastly and arguably most importantly, I have wanted to be a writer since they taught me how to hold a pencil(I am a lefty and had a hard time with that) and I am beyond stoked to actually be giving it a go. Seriously. So pumped guys. XOXOMay

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